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Authors Have Summer Vacations Too

It's not all writing!  Authors have families, hobbies, and yes, summer vacations too!  This month, I'm sharing a favorite vacation spot that provided inspiration for scenes in Blackhorse Road. 


I hope these scenes come alive for you and inspire you to visit--virtually or otherwise--this magnificant natural beauty.


Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Since I was four years old, I've made many trips to Lake Louise and the Canadian Rockies. In the early days, there weren't as many tourists as their were when I was older, but the splendor of the Lake and the the Chateau on the lake's edge could never be denied.  This is a vacation spot that will inspire and lift your spirit.


LakeLouise-1-Pixabay.jpg  LakeLouise-2-Pixabay.jpg


Here's some of what Luci writes to Barry about Lake Louise and the Chateau in Blackhorse Road


Sunday, July 3, 1966

Dear Barry, . . . There are no words I can find to describe the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and this place in particular. Chateau Like Louise . . . lives up to its name. It sits at an altitude of over a mile and is the grandest hotel in which I have ever stayed. The views are dramatic . . . Towering, snowcapped mountains that seem to touch the clouds surround the Chateau. The lake in front of it sits at the bottom of the valley like a little teacup and is the most magnificent turquoise color I've ever seen . . .


Happy Travels!

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