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What’s in Progress: Flawless Witness Cover Reveal and First Reviews


Cover Design by Ruth Miller is completed and is in keeping with the Flower Girl "brand." You are the first to see the REVEAL and imagine how Suzanna meets the challenge of being a Flawless Witness.


Prepublication Reviews of Flawless Witness are coming in!


Here's what Midwest Book Review Senior Reviewer Diane Donovans says:


Readers interested in the long-term prospect of surviving spousal abuse, dangerous personalities, and those who present one picture to the community while keeping their darkness well hidden will find much that resonates in A Flawless Witness . . . this intimate glimpse into the mindset of a predator is compelling, absorbing, and frightening. Long after its reading, it lingers in the mind.


Flawless Witness: A tell-all journal hidden for over three decades confirms Suzanna Jordan's beliefs about her former husband's predatory nature. But the pages of his diary divulge darker motivations and more perverse secrets that challenge Suzanna to bear witness to his snare of lies, deceit, and exploitation and to seek justice for herself.



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