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Flower Girl: A Jigsaw Puzzle on Steroids

Producing a book is like assembling a jigsaw picture puzzle on steroids. Not only does each piece have to fit into the right place, but it also has to be put together in the right place at the right time.


Traditional publishers have greased the production process over the years with tools, money, and a seasoned team. But the self-published author doesn't have these advantages. To get the puzzle pieces in proper order, the self-published author has to be good at the craft of writing and be a good business manager, project manager, and marketing guru.


This means educating herself on book production, acquiring a new and diverse set of skills to produce and market her work, assembling a team with unique expertise, and funding and managing the entire process of getting the right pieces together at the right time.


The Book Launch Party proceeding the release of my new novel was a great time to celebrate and give a deep bow of gratitude to my team for helping this self-published author put the right pieces together at the right time.


Here's the lineup of the team who made Flower Girl possible with a deep bow of gratitude to each:

·        Diane Donovan: developmental editor

·        Kim Bookless (Bookless Publishing Consultant) copyeditor

·        Pat Hertel: proofreader and copyeditor

·        The Beta Readers:  Carol, Denise, Janet, Lisa, Marian, Meghan, Sue

·        Ruth Miller (Ruth and John Creatives): cover designer

·        Steve Passiouras (Bookow Print and Ebook Formatting): Interior design

·        Rachel Song (Songbird Editing): Social media coordination

·        Heather Wallace: Marketing consultant

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