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Using Your Strengths—Key to Motivation

In a recent giveaway, Mary Jane, one of the entrants, asked this question:  What keeps you motivated to do all the inspirational things you do?


For me, the key to my motivation is doing things aligned with my strengths. Among my top strengths are bravery, curiosity, and creativity. I'm in my zone and get emotional and physical energy when I can combine these strengths. Acting on conviction to help women fulfill their potential led me to choose women's fiction—to write stories about women's journey to a more fulfilled self. My strengths of curiosity (exploring and discovering) and creativity (thinking of novel ways to conceptualize and do things) are a natural fit for storytelling.


Over the years, I 've found that people who can align their strengths to their work, hobbies, and volunteer activities are the ones who will feel authentic joy in their lives. Know your strengths and then use them every day—motivation and joy will flow naturally

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