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Small Things that Make an Author Ecstatic

I love my copy editor!  Copy editor:  A person who corrects written material to ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition.  


In my forthcoming novel, 181 Blackhorse Road, a 1929 D-25 plane and the Aerodrome at Old Rhinebeck, NY make cameo appearances.  My copy editor, Kim Bookless, caught my number transposition of D-25 (yeah!), but beyond that she found a terrific YouTube video of the plane filing today at the Rhinebeck Aerodrome.  I was so thrilled to see how well the video and the description in my book matched.  See if you agree with my description below and the video link that follows: 


"Connor surprised the boys by arranging a ride for them in a 1929 New Standard D-25 biplane. They were outfitted in a costume of goggles, leather helmets, and colorful scarves that hurled them almost four decades back in time. Strapped into the open passenger compartment in front of the cockpit, Barry felt the ride was as thrilling as the Comet roller-coaster, except without rails. Barnstorming the countryside and soaring above the treetops, the wind was deafening as it rushed across the airplane wings, but the sights were spectacular. Barry could not help wonder what stories the plane could tell and what it would be like to fly a machine like that himself."





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