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Make Your Voice Heard! Chapter Titles or No Chapter Titles....or who the heck cares?

As previously posted, I've traded in writing textbooks for taking on the challenge of writing novels. Writing behavioral objectives and multiple-choice questions are now dead to me! 


When I started writing my first novel, 181 Blackhorse Road, I was torn between using or not using chapter titles.  After all, I told my hyper-curious self, I like a carrot dangled before me about the mystery, conflict, or situation that the next chapter holds.  On the other hand, a good book that keeps me in the dark about what's around the corner makes me turn the pages too.


I started 181 Blackhorse Road without chapter titles.  Then, about half-way through the book, I added titles, because, well I kind of liked them.  Then on draft eight, I took them out but added them back in draft nine.


Just for fun, I took a random sample of fifteen novels to see how the authors treated chapter titles.  Disappointing for the researcher in me, the null hypothesis proved true (almost).  Fifty-three percent (8/15) included titles, whereas forty-seven percent (7/15) did not!


So, the question remains, should I or should I not use chapter titles in my completed novel? 


Then a brilliant insight!  I should query my potential readers, friends, and colleagues to help me by asking them what they like and why.


Help an author in a quandary!  Do chapter titles ring your bell or not (or who the heck cares)?


Make your voice heard on your preference for chapter titles by taking my three-question survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YJDT3JL_ChapterTitles    I'll report the results in about a week.


P.S. I apologize!  The first and third questions on the survey are multiple-choice!  Yikes, you can take a person out of academia, but you can't take academia out of the person.

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