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Leadership Development for Healthcare, A Pathway, Process, and Workbook

The book provides a guide to develop good leader behaviors through sifting, clarifying and expanding self-awareness and to apply applying individual awareness and ethical practice to leadership situations. The book is based on a leadership model that includes four dimensions: The authentic leader (leading self), the ethical leader (leading virtuously), the team leader (leading others), and the visionary leader (leading change). A separate part of the book explores each dimension.

Part 1: The authentic leader leads self by developing awareness of personal strengths, emotional intelligence, values, vision, and purpose and how to leverage these for leadership practice.

Part 2: The ethical leader leads virtuously by developing behaviors for appropriate conduct and taking personal action in creating standards of excellence, showing consideration and respect for others and treating them fairly, and modeling behavior for doing the right thing.

Part 3: The team leader leads others by developing behaviors for collaboration and establishing coalitions, coaching others, and managing conflict.

Part 4: The visionary leader leads change by developing behaviors in appreciative inquiry for seeing future possibilities, changing the status quo, embracing change, optimizing decision making, and influencing and motivating others.

The book assumes leader development and leadership practice involves a three-step process: learn key concepts, discover personal behaviors, and develop leader and leadership behaviors. Each chapter provides introductory material and foundational knowledge for recognizing and understanding leadership concepts. The concepts are supported through exercises and activities that take a step-by-step approach for changing or creating and practicing leader and leadership behaviors associated with each leadership dimension.