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52-Week Game Changer: How She LEADS

This book is all about You. Yes, you! And this is exactly how it should be. Before you can lead others, you must believe in, care for, and lead yourself.

Imagine for a moment the ideal choice of a person you want to follow. What makes her stand out from the crowd? Why would you follow her? She is positive and energetic, raising your optimism. She has a compelling vision, motivating you and garnering your support. She knows her capabilities and has confidence, making her trustworthy. And through the simple actions she performs every day, she inspires you.

How does she accomplish all this? The answer is a fundamental tenet of leadership. She knows, understands, appreciates, and cares for herself and lives her values and passion.

Through more than three decades of mentoring, advising, consulting, and coaching others, my conclusion is that leadership does not come about by a “big bang.” Instead, leadership is cultivated. It is an ongoing process and personal journey of continual caring and investment in oneself and attention to the needs of others. Leadership happens with the combination of small steps that, taken together, are greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Theorizing about leadership characteristics and chinking away at the social, cultural, or other barriers that keep women back are important in advancing women’s position in leadership. However addressing with equal furor are the intrinsic issues that hold women back. This is what this book is about: caring for, believing in, and leading yourself.


Part 1 of the book is a series of brief chapters, each describing one element of the framework. The chapter titles include: Finding Gratitude, Acknowledging Your Strengths and Accomplishments, Setting Your Vision, and Performing Simple Actions. The chapters give you an overview of how the framework and process work together.

Part 2 of the book is The Journal, the heart of the process. The Journal contains 136 pages, separated into 52 weeks. The first page contains the guides and steps to help you perform the exercises for that week. The next pages provide space for your personal notes and reflections. The Journal is your guide in helping you reflect, identify, act and grow in leadership.